Resins for Recombinant Protein Purification

Chelating Resins
IMAC resins can be used for the capture of His-tagged proteins and IgG antibodies that also possess histidine clusters capable of being bound by immobilized metals. IMAC conditions for binding and elution can be optimized for particular samples to provide gentle and reliable antibody purification. Chelating Superflow resins feature high flow rates, can be cleaned and recharged, and industrial process-ready.

Nickel Chelating Superflow
Product Code: 37408     Download:    >>Specification Sheet    >>Instructions for Use    >>Safety Data Sheet

Cobalt Chelating Superflow
Product Code: 37409     Download:    >>Specification Sheet    >>Instructions for Use    >>Safety Data Sheet

IDA Chelating CellthruTM BigBead
IDA Chelating CellthruTM BigBead is an uncharged IMAC resin, which allows the customer to select a metal ion for optimizing their separation. This also features Sterogene’s patented Direct Capture™ technology to capture target molecules from a feed stream containing particles without having to filter or centrifuge beforehand.
Product Code: 37311     Download:    >>Specification Sheet    >>Instructions for Use    >>Safety Data Sheet

IDA Chelating Superflow
IDA Chelating  Superflow is a highly crosslinked IMAC resin that does not compress at flow rates used for medium- to large-scale purifications (linear flow rates up to 1200cm/hour). The resin is compatible with a variety of chemicals and pH values and with common clean-in-place procedures. The resin is stable through multiple cycles of cleaning and reuse. Recommended for purification of polyhistidine tagged proteins.
Product Code: 37410      Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

Glutathione Superflow
Glutathione is immobilized to a highly crosslinked 6% beaded agarose. The resin is designed for high-purity, large-scale purification of GST-tagged proteins.
Product Code:       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

ActiClean Etox
ActiClean Etox efficiently removes endotoxins from water, buffers, cell culture media and protein solutions with minimal non-specific binding. The immobilized ligand is non-toxic and leaching is negligible. ActiClean Etox is easily regenerated for re-use. There is a Drug Master File available with the FDA.
Product Code: 2705       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

DNA Etox
DNA Etox is designed for the removal of endotoxin present in RNA, DNA, and oligonucleotide preparations. This resin features a high affinity for endotoxin with low non-specific binding, and DNA yields typically exceeding 90%.
Product Code: 2706       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

ReductEtox is designed to easily and rapidly remove endotoxins from proteins and plasmid DNA, and is easily sanitized and regenerated.
Product Code: 2709      Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

IonClear BigBead
IonClear BigBeadsTM are 500 – 1,100 micron diameter beads with both cationic and anionic chains covalently linked to a polystyrene sphere. This resin rapidly removes both anions and cations from solutions with minimal binding of proteins.
Product Code: 30041       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

Actigel ALD
Actigel ALD is an activated monoaldehyde resin designed to immobilize primary amines from small ligands to large proteins under relatively low pressure and flow rate. Coupling with Actigel ALD is highly efficient with no detectable leaching of the ligand, reproducible and rapid when compared with other activated resins.
Product Code: 2701       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use      >>Safety Data Sheet

Actigel ALD Superflow
Actigel ALD Superflow uses the same chemistry as Actigel ALD, but is made from a 6% hardened matrix that can withstand higher operating pressures and flow rates, but has a lower molecular exclusion limit.
Product Code: 2701S     Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use      >>Safety Data Sheet