Resins for Endotoxin Removal

ActiClean Etox
ActiClean Etox efficiently removes endotoxins from water, buffers, cell culture media and protein solutions including plasma proteins such as albumin, factor VIII, factor IX, IVIG with minimal non-specific binding. The immobilized ligand is non-toxic and leaching is negligible. ActiClean Etox is easily regenerated for re-use. There is a Drug Master File available with the FDA.
Product Code: 2705       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

DNA Etox
DNA Etox is designed for the removal of endotoxin present in RNA, DNA, and oligonucleotide preparations. This resin features a high affinity for endotoxin with low non-specific binding, and DNA yields typically exceeding 90%.
Product Code: 2706       Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet

ReductEtox is designed to easily and rapidly remove endotoxins from proteins and plasmid DNA, and is easily sanitized and regenerated.
Product Code: 2709      Download:      >>Specification Sheet     >>Instructions for Use     >>Safety Data Sheet