Recombinant proteins

High value proteins are frequently produced using recombinant DNA technologies.  Different expression systems can be used to allow expression of secreted proteins, while others require lysis  of the cells to allow purification of the protein of interest. Recombinant expression allows the incorporation of tags (His-tag, MBP, GST, Strep-tag II, c-myc, FLAG, etc.) to facilitate and improve purification.
The E. coli expression system is the most widely used, however the probability of successfully expressing a protein decreases considerably as molecular weight approaches 60 kDa. Approximately 30% of proteins cannot be produced in soluble form when. Common alternatives are the baculovirus expression system in insect cells, Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, human cells, or cell-free systems using prokaryotic or eukaryotic extracts

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