Direct Capture™

Direct Capture™ is a patented scalable method developed by Sterogene Bioseparations for the rapid purification of a target biomolecule from unclarified feed streams without having to filter, centrifuge or pre-treat the feed stream or load on a packed bed chromatography column.  Direct Capture™ purification speeds recovery of the target biomolecule, preserves biological activity, and reduces potential loss.

Recovery of biomolecules directly from fermentation broth or unclarified feed streams is more technically difficult than one would predict.  Sterogene Bioseparations has developed a process that is both efficient and scaleable.  We refer to it as Direct Capture™.

Direct Capture™ utilizes the inter-sphere and interstitial spaces between larger particles of CellthruTM  BigBeads (particle sizes between 200 µm and 1000 µm, dependent on the application) to allow cells, cellular debris, and residues to pass unhindered through the resin bed, while active ligands capture and bind the desired biomolecule.  The resin is then washed to remove any trapped particulates before elution.  Because there is a loss of recoverable target with each unit step of a purification process, streamlining the process greatly improves overall yield and lowers the cost.