Custom resins

As a manufacturer of chromatography resins, Sterogene Bioseparations has control over every step of the chromatography resin manufacturing process. We can control particle size, pore size, and cross-linking chemistry. We can give you the choice and substitution level of active groups and ligands. Sterogene’s scientists can provide our expertise to assist you with customization of our standard products to make an optimal resin for your specific application.

Sterogene can provide application specific-customized resins that are cost-effective and can provide documentation to assist in the approval of the process with regulatory agencies.

At Sterogene Bioseparations we aim to provide you with separation solutions customized for your specific process. Since we have been producing resins for a quarter century,  the cost of custom resins is always based on materials and labor that goes into the production of your product.


Customization of a resin isn’t just about the ligand and ligand density.  


Straightforward purification? Contaminant removal? In-line?  Off-line? Extracorporal?

Feed stream

Clarified or unclarified?

Flow rate

How will flow rate affect the process?

Target molecule

What am I trying to purify or remove?

Non-specific binding

Will “impurities” lower the binding of my desired target?

Particle size

How could particle size affect the purification?


How may I use particle porosity to my advantage?

Immobilization chemistry

Which chemistry will give me the best performance?

Immobilization chemistry density

How do I ensure I don’t get “overloading” of the resin?

Ligand density

Is my ligand very expensive?  Can I achieve the same or better results with a lower ligand density?

Resin life-time

Will I use the resin once or for multiple purification cycles?


How do I want to / need to regenerate and clean the resin

Environmental impact

Are there environmental impact issues with waste disposal?

The process of designing, developing and manufacturing a fully customized resin need not be tortuous or costly.  When we enter into a resin design project with a client, upon exchange of information under a CDA, we establish a baseline for the further development using a suitable standard product.  From this we can then make modifications to determine how best to alter resin characteristics.

All work is performed under terms of strict confidentiality and all development work is performed against quotations – so there are no unexpected costs.

Finally, when we develop custom resins there are no royalties against future revenue generated by your product.  We believe that our task is to supply you with a specified resin, at the agreed quantity and at the agreed cost.  If you would like to learn more about our contract resin design and manufacturing services, please contact us by using our Contact Page, by phone, email.